Loft Conversion Costs

The average cost of a loft conversion varies depending on the type of conversion you opt for. Among the popular choices, many homeowners convert their attic into a dormer due to its ability to add extra space and light to the property.

A loft conversion represents an excellent means to expand your home’s space and enhance its overall value. However, it’s crucial to recognise that such a project demands planning and preparation. Cost, in particular, stands out as a critical factor to consider before embarking on an attic conversion journey.

Here are the starting costs for our conversion projects. A more accurate price can only be determined by surveying your home and discussing your requirements.

How are loft conversion costs determined?

The precise cost of your conversion involves considering various factors:

  • Roof Structure: The complexity of your roof’s structure plays a significant role.
  • Property Type: Whether your house is detached, semi-detached, or terraced impacts the cost.
  • Conversion Type: Factors like adding dormer windows influence pricing.
  • Available Space: The amount of space available for conversion affects costs.
  • Staircase Alterations: Extent of alterations needed for staircase installation.
  • Additional Details: Various other specifics can influence overall costs.

Adding value to your property

A loft conversion can significantly enhance the value of your home, depending on various factors:

  1. Size and Features: Adding a double bedroom and bathroom to a three-bedroom, one-bathroom house can elevate its value by approximately 20%, representing a substantial increase.
  2. Location Impact: In high-demand areas in the city, the value boost from a loft conversion can be even greater. For instance, adding a loft conversion to a two-bedroom house in a high value Bristol area may increase its value by as much as 24.5%.
  3. Property Type and Area: It’s crucial to consider the price ceiling for your house, taking into account its type and the local property market. For example, if your three-bedroom house is valued at £300,000, but the maximum price for a four-bedroom house in your area is around £320,000, adding a loft conversion might not yield significant value appreciation.
  4. Market Demand: Assessing the demand for certain property sizes in your area is key. If most homes in your vicinity are three-plus bedroom designs, but yours lacks that extra space, a loft conversion could make a substantial difference in adding value to your property.

Ultimately, the potential value added by a loft conversion depends on a combination of factors specific to your property, its location, and the local housing market.

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Velux Loft Conversions

Starting from
£30k plus VAT

velux loft conversion

Mansard Conversions

Starting from
30k plus VAT

mansard loft conversion

Flat Roof Dormer Conversions

Starting from
£45k plus VAT

dormer loft conversion

L Shaped Conversions

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55k plus VAT

L shape loft conversions

Hip to Gable Conversions

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£55k plus VAT

hip to gable loft conversion
cost of loft conversisons in bristol
cost of loft conversisons in bristol
cost of loft conversisons in bristol